The Unseen Peninsula is a work of art. This elegant book, measuring 12 x 14 inches and containing 136 pages, is a showcase for 50 tri-tone reproductions printed and hand-bound in Italy using only the highest quality acid-free archival paper and materials. 

This award-winning portfolio of black and white photographs has been selected from a larger body of work that is the result of thousands of hours spent on the San Francisco Watershed property over ten years. Buelteman is the only artist given unlimited access to this unique land. The images are “extractions of beauty and substance which reveal unrecognized dimensions in the commonplace,” according to nationally recognized art critic Robert McDonald.

Because local history has shaped and defined the Watershed property, the author presents each photograph opposite a selected quotation from various historical and literary luminaries who lived on, worked on, or wrote about this unique place.

The book is available as a Gallery Edition boxed with a signed original photograph by the artist, and as a Slip-cased Edition contained in a special slipcase. Free shipping. USA only. For international shipping contact us.