The first catalog of Buelteman’s unique cameraless, lensless, computer-free imagery, measuring 8.5 x 11 inches and 40 pages in length, was released in the Spring of 2009.

Thirty photographs selected from three portfolios created over the last ten years are presented with an introduction by Robert McDonald, along with essays by the artist.

These images have caused a sensation wherever they have been exhibited. 

Richard Pitnick, in Color Magazine, wrote:

Robert Buelteman conjures up visions of a mad Dr. Frankenstein working feverishly in his laboratory as he describes his own elaborate process working with electricity to create his gloriously luminous botanical photographs.

But where his fictional counterpart tried to reanimate dead tissue harnessing the power of nature, Buelteman, with no less intention to understand the mystery and laws at the heart of creation, uses the living pathways of plant cells and tissues to channel electricity into a wondrous display of light, color and energy.

$ 34.95 including shipping.